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AWRC Setting Up Update


Dear Members, Subscribers and Ecumenical Friends,

Greetings from AWRC in Taichung, Taiwan.

First of all, my sincere thank you for your many prayers and support, truly your prayers and solidarity are great source of strength to me as I take on the leadership and started sailing with AWRC.

Nothing is ever easy to begin from scratch.  The Working Group at large (Eun Joo, Chris, Sonia, Hisako and Ting Jin) have been working so hard with me on the relocation from India to Taiwan, including looking for a new location for the office and exploring and proceeding AWRC’s registration in Taiwan.

Now we have good news to share – we have found our office venue in Taichung. It was a warehouse of Min-Chu-Lu Presbyterian Church though the floor space had many broken tiles.  After few months of waiting the repair work is complete, Min-Chu-Lu church helped us with the renovation!  We now have a neat and cozy office.  Many heartfelt thanks go to the church elders and Pastor for their assistance and willingness to help.  Attached are few pictures of our office (Please check them in the About Us→ Photo Ablum→ Office). We warmly welcome you to pay us a visit whenever you have the opportunity!

好事多磨 (Hao Shi Duo Mo – meaning good things take time and effort).  AWRC is seeking official registration under the category of association, which is also another big challenge demanding a lot of paper work.  We have sent the application documentations to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) two months ago, and will soon get the approval to call for preparation meetings. It is indeed time-consuming.  Despite a lot of administrative and practical difficulties we have overcome so far, now we need wait another one month to have AWRC registration verified and only then can we open the bank account.

Meanwhile, we are working on the June 2018 issue of IGI. For the Dec 2018 issue, we are also open for your articles, poems and essays. Please kindly check our website for Writers’ Guidelines for your information.

We are truly sorry that IGI has been delayed due to the relocation though, two issues of 2018 are to be published as we are sure of these are the very precious voices of our sisters in Asia. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please keep us in your prayers and uphold us – as we accompany each other in this journey we also pray for you!

Warm regards,