Asian Women's Resource Centre

in God's image

IGI stands for in God’s image, an Asian Christian women’s effort to provide a forum for expressing our reality, our struggles, our faith reflections and aspirations for change.

It was started as a quarterly journal, but since 2010 it is currently a half-yearly journal.

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Despite rising production and postage costs and despite the abolition of the “Sea Mail” category that postal services had earlier, we have tried to keep the Subscription rates the same since 2013. We hope this will show you that we are more interested in having IGI read widely and we hope our IGI subscribers will continue subscribing to IGI.

Subscription Rates:

The following are our current Subscription rates since 2015:

Europe, North America US$ 60.00
Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America US$ 55.00
Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan US$ 40.00
Other Asia Countries & Pacific Islands US$ 17.00

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