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Call for Papers: Dec 2017 – Social Movements

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IGI Call For Papers on the theme “Social Movements”:

The term social movement may refer to different phenomena like democratization campaigns, labour movements, agrarian movements, environmental movements, political revolutions for independence & national self-determination, civil rights movements, movements for the rights of indigenous people and protest movements in general.  In recent years, thanks to social media, we are more aware of ongoing protest movements for example the Arab Spring in 2010, the Umbrella movement in 2014, the “Occupy” movements in 2011 and “Black Lives Matter” movements 2013.

In Asia, women’s movements have usually emerged and grown in response to particular domestic or neighbourhood challenges, such as the efforts by the State to undermine human dignity, democratic rights and practices, environmental balance and/or against the hegemony of regional or international global capital. In most countries in Asia the women’s movement and women involved in social movements have played a critical role in placing women at the forefront of the political agenda.

In this backdrop of the global visibility of protest movements and the fact that women in Asia have been involved in social movements and women’s movements simultaneously, we feel the theme “Social Movements” is timely for IGI to tackle.

We hope that articles for this theme could cover the following (but need not be limited to the items listed):

  1. Articles documenting lesser known movements or local activism in pockets of Asia that will benefit the wider discussion on movement building in Asia
  2. Profiles of significant personalities/leaders of movements and how they impacted certain movements in Asia
  3. Critical Analyses of some social movements in Asia – past and current
  4. Articles focusing on how solidarity and networking is built within each movement and between movements one to another
  5. Articles highlighting the role of existing social organizations such as trade unions, churches, self-help groups, women’s wings of political parties etc that rally people around a common cause that then become a larger movement.
  6. Critical Analysis of some women’s movements in Asia in terms of aspects needing more attention
  7. The relationships between women and men in social movements that mobilize women and whether these movements address issues concerning women in Asia
  8. Articles highlighting systemic differences between women involved in social movements and the necessity for acknowledging these systemic differences among women like caste, race, religion, sexuality and economics.
  9. Articles reflecting on the various discussions around both ideological and descriptive terms used within and about social movements (-For example terms like “grass-root movements”, “arm-chair activism”, “academic activism” and the tensions between these terms)
  10. Reflections on one’s personal participation in social movements
  11. Reflections on church related or ecumenical social movements and the feminist theology movement in Asia
  12. Unique features, if any, of some local movements in our respective countries
  13. Significant alternate leadership models in different social movements that have been instrumental in the success of those movements
  14. The role of art/ graphics / banners/ ad campaigns in social movements

As always IGI includes all forms of reflections like essays, poems, art work, photographs, liturgies, and any form that is publishable in print. Book reviews of books related to this theme are also welcome.

Recommended word limit for each article: 1000 to 4000 words

Send articles to: AND

Submission date: 30 May 2017

Editorial decision on publishing of submitted articles  will be conveyed by: 30 June 2017

– Coordinator,

On behalf of EAC of IGI.


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