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in God's image

Guidelines for Writers (August 2017)

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In God’s Image (IGI) is the Journal of the Asian Women’s Resource Centre for Culture and Theology (AWRC).  It is an “Asian Christian women’s effort to provide a forum for expressing our reality, our struggles, our faith reflections and aspirations for change.”

  1. The articles are written from an Asian feminist/women’s perspective;
  2. Articles that are published elsewhere will not be accepted;
  3. Contributions can be in the form of essays, poems, liturgies, prayers, creative expressions (i.e. graphics consisting of drawings, sketches, symbols, photos, paintings, etc.);
  4. Contributions can consist of women’s stories, analysis of women’s realities, faith reflections and conference reports;
  5. Articles are written in English;
  6. Articles written in other languages are also welcome, provided translations are arranged;
  7. IGI uses inclusive language;
  8. Articles are from 1000 to 4000 words;
  9. Observe the Chicago Manual of Style when citing references in the footnotes/endnotes;
  10. Include writer’s short bio-data with the article;
  11. Provide 1-3 appropriate graphics to complement the article and indicate the position where each graphic is to be inserted within the article. Graphics should be clear.  Writers need to get permission from the source.  The source of these graphics needs to be acknowledged and labelled accordingly;
  12. These articles and graphics are to be sent BY EMAIL:

     Email address:

  1. AWRC offers a complimentary copy of IGI to each person whose contribution is published.
  2. AWRC has the right to give permission for reprints.







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