Asian Women's Resource Centre

Who are eligible to become members?

Women who are actively engaged in doing Asian women’s theology and committed to seeking models of  just and equal partnerships between genders and with all of creation, are welcome to become members.

We have different types of memberships as follows:

1. Within Asia: Full/affiliate membership:

These categories are open to:

– Women and women’s organisations in Asia are invited to join as Full members

– Men and other organisations in Asia are invited to join as Affiliate members.

2. Outside Asia: Associate / Fraternal membership:

These categories are open to:

– Women  and women’s organisations outside Asia are welcome to join as Associate members .

– Men and other organisations outside Asia are welcome to join as Fraternal members.

 Categories and Fees*
Annual Membership Fees in US$ Full Affiliate Fraternal Associate
Women in Asia Organisation in Asia Men Individual outside Asia Organisation outside Asia
Zone A
Diaspora – regional work or living/working in countries outside Asia temporarily
55 60 60 50 100
Zone B
Australia, Japan, New Zealand
28 33 33
Zone C
Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan
25 30 30
Zone D
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, China
12 17 17
Zone E
Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam
10 15 15

*This is the revised fees structure adopted at CTM 2015. We have radically slashed the rates of Membership fees as the CTM strongly felt that this should not be a barrier for any woman who wishes to participate fully in the life and work of AWRC.

Enquiries and Membership Form

If you would like to be a member of AWRC, please write to us at for a copy of the AWRC Constitution.

Download Membership Form here

Modes of Payment

From 2014 we were unable to receive payments due to relocation and the need to set up viable systems of payment. We have now (2016) set up all payments to AWRC to be paid via Pay Pal Invoices.

So when you send us your Membership Forms and the Office has verified all the details in the form, we will send you a Pay Pal Invoice with the amount payable.

Click here to download directions for how to create a PayPal account.

You can then follow the instructions sent along with the AWRC Invoice to make your Payments via Pay Pal.

This new system will hopefully help us receive the maximum amount into our accounts without losses in exchange and bank charges. We request all of you to please cooperate with patience so that we can make this new system work. It is user friendly to learn to use, and we request you to take a bit of time to explore this method of Payment.

Cheques and Demand Drafts [Only in India]:

Members or aspiring members in India alone can make payments using Indian Rupee Cheques or Demand Drafts made payable to “Asian Women’s Resource Centre in India” (AWRC).

Please ensure that amount sent as Cheques or drafts includes Bank commission charges at your end. When you make a transfer or send us a cheque, kindly send the details by email so that we can follow up and acknowledge receipt of credit into our account.

Payments by Electronic Transfer [Only available for payments above $200]: Please download and follow the instructions given to make Electronic Transfer. Please ensure that the Electronic transfers include commissions/ bank charges applicable on both ends.