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Joint Young Women’s Leadership Workshop on “Body, Sexuality & Power: Theological Exploration”

Joint Young Women's Leadership Workshop: Body, Sexuality & Power - Theological Exploration
23 January 2016 - 28 January 2016, Delhi, India

The workshop’s target group was young women doing/interested in deepening their understanding of Feminist Theology in South Asia. This was a Joint program involving three women/youth related units namely AWRC’s Young Women Doing Theology (YWDT) group, WSCF- Asia Pacific (AP) Regional Women’s Program (RWP) and National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) – Commission on Youth (COY).

We were a group of around 25 women from 8 different countries of Asia – a rich and diverse group, different in training, experiences, abilities, expectations, etc. Some of the participants are theologically trained, some are active in social movements, some call themselves feminists, some are eager to explore more possibilities of self development, some want to learn more about oppressive and liberating forces in religion and society, some are curious how to deal with power, how to counter abuse, how to celebrate life in our own bodies with dignity, joy and beyond fear. In this rich diversity we tried to celebrate a growing power and enjoy each other’s company to counter destruction and alienation.

(Full Summary of Workshop coming soon …)