Asian Women's Resource Centre


Book 1: Introduction to Asian Feminist Theologies


In view of the many streams of feminism worldwide, and the prevalent misunderstandings or lack of understanding of what feminism stands for, the idea of developing “Modules on Asian Feminist Theologies” was conceived as early as 2001.

These modules are our attempts at articulating theologies of liberation for, by, of Asians starting with Asian women’s experiences of suffering, oppression, and discrimination mainly because of our sex, race, and socio-economic status. These are also our attempts at enabling Asian feminist theologians to define who we are and what we do, which are distinct from other streams of feminism.

These modules will hopefully provide tools and lenses for our Asian sisters to celebrate and affirm their having been created in the image of God; read the scriptures anew; analyze our social realities; practice alternative leadership; and grow in commitment to the building of egalitarian communities.


This first book, Introduction to Asian Feminist Theologies, is an introduction to this series of module books. It is divided into 5 parts, each introducing one basic topic, namely:

Part 1: The Woman Question in Asia
Part 2: Asian Women Doing Theologies
Part 3: Women in the Old Testament
Part 4: Women in the New Testament
Part 5: Asian Feminist Interpretations of Texts in the Bible

In God’s Image Vol. 23 No. 4, December 2004 contains the full papers used in a workshop where these modules were tried out. This issue of In God’s image must be read or used together with this module book 1 for a fuller coverage of the topics.

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