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Book 3: Introduction To Asian Feminist Perspectives On Religions: Toward Interfaith Dialogue

Modules on Asian Feminist Theologies Book 3

AWRC is pleased to present another module book, Introduction to Asian Feminist Perspectives on Religions: Toward Interfaith Dialogue, the third book from its 5-year project to develop “Modules on Asian Feminist Theologies” which began in 2004.

Similar to the first two module books, this third book is limited in scope and content to Asian Feminist Theologies. Our basic aim is to highlight how Asian women are doing feminist theologizing in the context of their respective religions or the religious influences that impact them.

Firstly, the subject of women and religions is not only wide in scope and content but also highly complex, given our plural contexts in Asia. Although there are many religions in Asia, we decided to focus only on Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism and Islam. And yet, we are also aware that there are many streams within each religion. Thus, we have two entries from Buddhism in this module.

Secondly, this module seeks only to introduce our readers, AWRC members and its network to some Asian feminist perspectives on some religions in Asia. We affirm that feminism is not monolithic so the perspectives in this module are not the only perspectives there are.

Thirdly, we do hope and invite our readers, AWRC members and its network to begin, pursue or continue engaging with women of other religions in sincere dialogue especially on issues of gender justice and holistic transformation.

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