Asian Women's Resource Centre


Discipleship – A Space for Women’s Leadership?

Author: Pauline Chakkalakal
Publisher: Mumbai: Pauline Publications. 394 pp. Rs. 265
Reviewer: Dr. Augustine Kanjamala

Waging Peace: Building a World in which Life Matters

Author: Edited by Lalrinawmi Ralte and Stella Faria
Publisher: Delhi: ISPCK, 2004, 361 pp
Reviewer: Rev. Deborah Patterson

The Unheard Scream: The Struggles of Dalit Women in India

Author: Mary Grey
Publisher: Centre for Dalit Subaltern Studies (Theology), India in association with Dalit Solidarity Network, UK and VODI – Voice of Dalit International, Academy Press, Noida, 2004, pp 102, Rs 125 (India only), U$ 8.00
Reviewer: Jessica Richard

Religious Education in Context of Plurality and Pluralism

Author: Hope S. Antone
Publisher: Jointly published by New Day Publishers/Christian Conference of Asia, 2003, pp. 141
Reviewer: Limatula Longkumer

The Poor Man

Author: Wai Ching Angela Wong
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing, New York, 2002, 176 pp
Reviewer: Hope S. Antone