Asian Women's Resource Centre


Unleashing The Power Within Us

Meditations for Asian Women

The first meditation book written by Asian women, for Asian women.  Part of the women’s empowerment process is for us to say our word about ourselves.  No one else can say it for us.  We have tried to be true to who we are.  As one leafs through the pages, one is struck by the diversity in format, writing style, theological perspective for there was no attempt to box the writers into one uniform pattern.  The creative individuality of the writers is very apparent.

A book project made possible by the collective effort of the Joint Partners Programme which consists of:

  1. Asian Women’s Resource Centre (AWRC)
  2. Asian Church Women’s Conference (ACWC)
  3. Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) Women’s Programme
  4. World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) Asia Pacific Women’s Programme