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Women Moving Mountains

Feminist Theology in Japan

Many Asian women will be able to identify themselves with the stories and theology of our Japanese sisters. Through the stories, we can hear the silent cries and pain in the untold stories of many women both in Japan and the rest of Asia. A very intriguing and reflective book shared by each of these women who brings something special in that they were all born at different times – pre, during and post World War II. They were brought up in different family backgrounds and situations. They have walked unique yet similar paths. They struggled with their “responsibility” as Japanese for the atrocities their country has inflicted on others in Asia. Being aware that racism and discrimination exist in Japan, they have dealt with it in a variety of ways. In struggling for personal identity, each woman confronts the Japanese patriarchal social system, and the patriarchal theology as well as system of the church. They are doing what they can to bring about positive change in both the society and the church.