Asian Women's Resource Centre


Asian feminist leadership workshop in December

Vol 13 No 1 April 2008

AWRC is organizing a workshop on Asian feminist leadership on 4-10 December 2008 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Last February, an organising team met in Chiang Mai to plan for this workshop. This is part of the follow-up work on a programme endorsed by the AWRC Coordinating Team Members who met in January 2007.

This is one of AWRC’s study workshops for Asian women to come up with a series of module books on Asian Feminist Theologies. Two books in this series completed so far are Introduction to Asian Feminist Theologies and Telling HerStory: Introduction to an Asian Feminist Re-reading of History. The remaining module books are Women and Religions and Asian Feminist Perspective of Leadership. It is for the module book on Asian Feminist Perspective of Leadership that AWRC is organizing this workshop.

The workshop theme is “Envisioning Asian Feminist Leadership.” The components of the workshop are:

  • Sharing of experiences/stories of leadership
  • Critique and analysis of experiences of leadership, leading into an analysis of power and authority
  • Panel presentations on analysis of power and authority in the existing leadership from the feminist perspective and envisioning Asian feminist leadership
  • Critical biblical studies (deconstruction of texts and reconstruction) and theological reflection
  • Visioning and transformative action towards ekklesia and praxis for ekklesia
  • Worships and liturgies on feminist leadership and ekklesia

The organising team will propose 35 Christian women participants from different parts of Asia who have a feminist consciousness and feel the desire to envision feminist leadership in the ekklesia.