Asian Women's Resource Centre


Upcoming Programs/Activities in 2015

Vol 19 2014
  • Feminist theology workshop for India: 8-11 June 2015, Hotel Village Retreat, Poonthandalam, ECR, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. This workshop, scheduled for 2014, had to be postponed to 2015 both for financial reasons and due to unavailability of dates for both the resource persons as well as prospective participants.
  • Coordinating Team (CTM)/Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC)/ WG Meetings to be held (total 7-10 days) sometime in August or September 2015 – dates to be finalised.
  • Feminist Theology workshop for South Asia : For India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal – Between October-November 2015 dates yet to be finalised. This will possibly be a joint program with WSCF-AP-RWP and/or NCCI-Youth Desk.
  • AWRC Round Table Series: Monthly or Bi-monthly discussion groups on relevant women-related and contextual topics will be run in Chennai from late 2015 onwards.