Asian Women's Resource Centre


Visit of Future Faith Leaders

Vol 17 Jan-Dec 2012

On July 22, AWRC received a group of international delegates under the program, “The Future Faith Leaders”. There were fifteen (15) delegates from Asia and the Pacific (Philipines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, East Timor, and Indonesia) plus one professor of Islam from the hosting university.

The delegates represented different religious institutions (Islam, Budhism, Hindu, Roman Catholic, and Protestantim) while some were from government offices in their countries.

The program was hosted by the Isamic State University Sunan Kali Jaga for one and half months. The organizer contacted AWRC to host the delegates to facilitate a discussion on Feminist Theology.

After a brief introduction on AWRC, the coordinator invited the delegates to share what came to their minds when they heard the word

feminism or feminist theology. Then she gave an introduction to feminist theology. This was followed by a more in-depth and interactive discussion on the subject and how it is relevant in their contexts.

The topic itself (Feminist Theology) was completely new topic for all the delegates. Some could not accept the idea of feminist interpretations or feminist theology. However, a lively discussion took place with many showing great interest and enthusiasm. Some delegates are still in contact with the Coordinator, telling her how the topic has got them interested in learning more about feminism in their own countries.